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Tiggo 7 Pro Max
All The Way With You

The Chery Tiggo 7 Pro Max is designed to deliver a distinct driving experience, offering a mix of sophisticated technology, comfort, and luxury, ideal for our discerning customers.

360° All View Monitor (AVM)

Maneuver around tight spots with ease using the all-encompassing 360-degree camera system, offering a panoramic view that simplifies parking and navigation in any setting.

Premium Sony Speaker System

Enjoy clear and detailed sound with the Sony speaker system, designed to provide a quality audio experience for your journeys.

Integrated Wireless Charging

Keep your devices powered up with the convenient wireless charging, for a clutter-free and efficient charging experience for your smartphones and compatible devices.

Enhanced Double-Layer Soundproof Glass

With 35 dB Experience tranquility inside your cabin with the double-layer soundproof glass. It significantly reduces noise from traffic and harsh weather conditions, ensuring a peaceful journey regardless of the external environment.

Dual 24 Interactive Display Screens

Navigate with ease using our twin 12.3 screens that offer a clear and accessible way to manage your vehicle’s functions and provide all the information you need at a glance.

Custom Climate Control and Wireless Charging

Enjoy the convenience of setting individual comfort zones with dual-zone automatic air conditioning. Stay charged and connected with the practicality of 50W wireless fast charging for your devices.

Adjustable Ambient Lighting and Sony Audio System

Adjust the cabin's atmosphere to your preference with a selection of 64 ambient lighting colors. The Sony audio system with 8 speakers ensures quality sound for your music and media.

Panoramic Sunroof and 360° Camera

The large panoramic sunroof invites natural light and offers a view of the sky above. Maneuver safely with a 360° camera that provides a comprehensive view around the vehicle for enhanced spatial awareness.

Seating and Style
Ergonomic Seating and Sporty Wheels
Experience comfort in our ergonomically designed seats that support you on every journey. The 18-inch sports wheels not only add to the vehicle’s style but also contribute to a stable and engaging driving experience.
  • Navigate any road confidently with cool black lattice matrix LED headlights and integrated penetrating LED taillights for maximum visibility and safety.

  • Take to the streets with style on the 18-inch sports wheels that promise to turn heads.

Safety Systems
Effective LED Lighting

Advanced Safety with ADAS

12 Basic ADAS Features

Our LED headlights and taillights provide excellent visibility for safer night-time driving. Front fog lamps enhance your visibility in challenging weather conditions.

Our Advanced Driver Assistance Systems offer a range of features to support safer driving. These systems are designed to help you stay aware of your driving environment and assist in critical moments.

Cruise Assist: ACC, TJA, ICA
Brake Assist: AEB, FCW
Blind Zone Assist: BSD, RCW, DOW, RTA
Lane Assist: LDW, LKA, LCA

Panoramic Sunroof

- Embrace the sky with the expansive 1.12m² panoramic sunroof, enhancing every journey with breathtaking views and an open, airy cabin feel.
- Over 20 optimizations across interior, exterior, body, and chassis structures.
- Increased usage area and thickness of sound-absorbing fabric.
- An externally controlled variable displacement compressor that minimizes noise.
- A PWM stepless fan that reduces operational noise, ensuring a tranquil atmosphere for enhanced driving comfort.

Smooth Performance with Turbocharged Engine and 7DCT

The 1.6T engine and 7-speed dual-clutch transmission offer a balance of power and efficiency. The electronic gearshift mechanism provides smooth gear changes for a more enjoyable drive.

First-Class Seating Comfort

- 6-way power adjustment for the driver's seat and 4-way for the passenger seat.
- Front seat cushion backrest with ventilation and heating for all-season comfort.
- Dual-speed seat ventilation, effectively reducing sweat accumulation and ensuring a cool experience, especially during hot conditions. This feature also maintains hip temperature at a comfortable level, aiding in focus and safe driving over long distances.

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